General conditions

Welcome to our camp & caravan site!

We hope that you will have a nice and relaxing time here at Råbocka.
The  General Conditions below are there for You, and other guests security and comfort.

1. Please report to the reception immediately upon arrival  and hand over an SCR approved camping card.

2. Visitors are asked to park their cars outside the campsite. Our paying guests will get a pass for the gate and a parking permission when checking in.

3. The Site manager and the other staff are responsible for keeping the order on the site and will assist when needed or if problems occur.

4. All types of modern tents of standard size for a family may be used. Caravans or Campers shall be registered and meeting the standards for traffic on public roads. Caravans and Campers shall be placed on sites that are suitable for each caravan’s size.

5. You are not allowed to put up fences or other markings around the allotted site. Please ask if in doubt. Gas tanks and electricity installations shall be tested regularly and meet the established standards for each type of caravan or camper. Maximum length of the connecting cable is 25 meters and longest distance between the caravan/camper and the connection point is 20 meters.

6. Please avoid driving around on the site with your car more than absolutely necessary. Drive at a maximum speed of 10 km/h (7 mph) and only the shortest distance to your site.
Vehicles (cars, motorbikes, etc) are not allowed to be driven on the campsite between 23.00 and 06.00, which also is the time during which the gate is looked.

7. We kindly ask our guests to show respect for other guests. We will not allow undue disturbances daytime and it shall be quiet between 23:00 and 07:00 on the camp & caravan site.

8. Please assist your children to find the playground on the southern side of the site. Here they can play, or enjoy ball games, on suitable grounds. Ball games between caravans/campers are not allowed.

9. Dog owners are kindly asked to show respect and care towards other guests. Please keep your dog on a leash at all times and always pick up after your dog, if an accident happens within the camp site.All walks should be done outside the camp site.

10. No commercial activities are allowed on the site without the Site Managers expressed approval.

11. Please assist us in keeping the site clean and litter free and use the waste bins put up on various places on the site. For environmental reasons we are separating our disposals into different categories, which are deposited into each relevant bin.

12. Please leave the public areas (toilets, showers, kitchen and sinks) in the same nice order as you would like to find them yourself.

13. Carwashing is not allowed on the site.

14. Departure: Departure time is before 14:00.Make sure you have not left any litter on the ground, and leave the plot as you found it. Please announce your planned departure date to the Reception well before departing, allowing us to make use of the sites more effectively for other guests. The received card for the gate/parking permission shall be returned upon departure.

15. The Site Manager or other staff are not responsible for loss of, or damages on guests belongings. Damages on any of the site buildings, or belongings of other guests, will be charged on the person causing them according to current laws and rules guiding campsites.

16. Guest who are not obliging the General Rules for this campsite, or following  instructions from responsible Site Manager, or acts in a disturbing way within the campsite will be asked to leave the camp site and may lose their camping card.

17.Respect animals and plants in the surrounding forests!


1. The safety distance between the caravans/campers must be at least 4 meters. Tents connected with caravans are included in the safety distance between caravans/campers. Safety distance between free standing tentsshould be at least 3 meters.

2. Cooking over open fire is not allowed. No cooking is allowed inside a tent. Outdoor kitchens are available at your service.

3. Smoking in beds and tents is not allowed.

4. Fire extinguishers are placed in various places around the campsite – inside red/black boxes mounted on lamp posts. Please check your nearest fire extinguisher.

5. There are 5 marked escape routes – towards the forrest and towards Råbockavägen. Please chck your nearest escape route. Escape routes and reunion spots are marked on the map.

6. Gas tanks in caravans and campers may not exceed 2 times P11 or similar size.

7. Ambulance and Fire brigade. In an emergencie situation alert the Reception or call 112 directly. Do not hesitate to make the alarm call in case of emergencie!

Ambulance/Fire Brigade     112
Police     114 14
Hospital     0431 – 81 000
Pharmacy     0771 – 450 450


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